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Strengthening Practice Change, Education & Extension in Reef Catchments

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December 2016

Thanks for joining us on this journey to see what can best be done to support extension capacity and effectiveness in the reef regions. This builds on a number of earlier reviews and experience in applying extension and education to develop capacity and support change - and see where action or extra support can make a difference - in the short and long term. In this first phase - January/ February we are undertaking a scoping phase - reviewing documents, trends, policies, statistics and whatever can provide a good background. We will also be interviewing a number of people to gain some first hand background on the overall issues and solutions. This will be followed up by regional stakeholder meetings in January-March and state-wide meeting in February. The project will be completed in June with recommendations to government and industry. This blog will be updated with our progress and some of the themes emerging from the consultation process. You will have the opportunity to comment as we go along.

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